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Indochina Cruises > Cruises Vietnam Cambodia and Laos

Overnight Cruise in Vietnam Cambodia and Laos







Mekong river  cruise Halong bay cruise

Emeraude  cruise

Halong bay - Departure from Hanoi
  1day, Halong bay cruise one day
  2days/1night, Halong bay cruise 
  3days/2nights, Halong bay cruise
  2days/1night, Emeraude  cruise

Mekong - Departure from Saigon (Ho Chi Minh city)
  1day, Mekong river cruise
  2days/1night, Mekong river cruise
  3days/2night, Mekong Waterway
 2days/1night, Douce Mekong Cruise
  3days/2nights, Douce Mekong Cruise

Cruise the Nature & Upclose Mekong Delta 3day trip 

Authentic Mekong sampan  3day boat trip 

 4days/3nights, Deeluxe private Cruise on Mekong River

7D, Mekong Waterway from Saigon to Angkor

7D, Cruise Siemreap to Saigon

Lao Cruise -  from Chiengkhong /Luanprabang
  2days/1night Chiengrai - Luangprabang Luangsay cruise
  2days/1night, Luangrabang - chiengrai Luansay Cruise
  3days/2nights, Luangsay Cruise with Khamu lodge
  3days/2night, Wat Phou Cruise Pakse - Champassak 
  3days/2nights, Wat Phou Cruise  Champassak -Pakse

Cambodia Cruise -  from Phnompenh to Siemreap
  3days/2nights, Siemreap - Phnompenh cruise
  3days/2nights, Phnompenh - Siemreap Cruise

Myanmar Cruise -  from Manday to Bagan

2days Delta Queen Cruise

2days  Extension to Inle Lake

8days Road to Mandalay Cruise

5days  Road to Mandalay Cruise

6days  Road to Mandalay Cruise & Inelake

6days Myanmar & Ayravata Cruise

8days  Myanmar incl. Nostalgic Irrawady River Cruise


  7D, Cruise Siemreap to Saigon
  14 D, From Luangprabang to the Nam Hai with Non Nuoc Beach
  14 D, Wat Phou, Angkor Wat and Nhatrang Evasion Hideaway

  15D, Watphou, Angkor, China Beach, Sapa and Halong bay
  15D, Saigon, Pandaw cruise to Siemreap, Pimalai Krabi beach
  15D, Sapa, Halong bay & Prime Nhatrang Evasion Hideaway

  18D, Pandaw cruise Cambodia, Ginger cruise Vietnam
  20D, Luangprabang, Angkor, Pandaw and Evasion Hideaway



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