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Vietnam Tour > Vietnam Border Crossing

Vietnam: International Overland Border Crossings 

The Vietnam crossing at Laobao is the most accessible to Laos; the Vietnam crossing at Mocbai and the Chinese crossing at HuuNghi, Laocai give international access to southern Southern China; and the Vietnamese crossings at Moc Bai and Chau Doc are most convenient to Phnom Penh.


Crossings with Cambodia

1.  Mocbai Checkpoint: Moc Bai, Vietnam/Bavet, Cambodia (To/from Phnom Penh)
2. Ving Xuong, Vietnam/Kaam Samnor, Cambodia ("The Chau Doc Crossing") (To/from Phnom Penh)
3. Tinh Bien, Vietnam/Phnom Den, Takeo, Cambodia (To/from Phnom Penh or Kampot/Kep)
Xa Mat, Vietnam/Trapeang Phlong, Kampong Cham, Cambodia
Xa Xia, KienGiang , Vietnam/Prek Chak, Cambodia (Ha Tien crossing)

From Cantho to Chaudoc     120km
From Chaudoc to Hatien       70km
From Hatien to Xaxia border    10km
From Prêk-chak to Kampot         70km
From Kampot to Sihanouvville    95m   

6. Bonue (Binh Phuoc, Vietnam) /Trapaing Sre (Kratie Cambodia)


Crossings with Laos
7. Laobao - Dansaanh, Quangtri to Savanaket province

8. Keoneua - Nampao (lak Sao), HaTinh to Bolikhamxay province
9. Namkan - Namkan, NgeAn to XiengKhouang province

10.Nameo - Banleui, Thanhoa to SamNua, HuaPhanh province

11. Pa Hang  on route  N0  6  to Vietnam / Nameo, Sam Neua Laos
12. Napo - Chalo , route N0 12, which  link  Vinh or Dong Hoi (Quangbinh Vietnam) to Thakhet Khamouan province Laos
13 Bo-Y border,Kontum / Attapeu,Laos

14.Taichang - Sobhoun, Laichau to Phongsaly Province (no visa on arrival).

Crossings with China

15. Laocai, Vietnam/Hakhou

16. HuuNghi, Langson, Vietnam /

17. Mongcai, QuangNinh, Vietnam/

18. Talung, Caobang,

Visa upon arrival
No  visas upon arrival at cross border to Vietnam unless you have special visa code approval before hand.



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