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Vietnam experiences a fair degree of diversity in climate. The north has distinct summer and winter seasons some lasts from May until October, when the weather is hot and very humid with temperatures averaging about 30 degrees Celsius. November to April are the winter months when the temperature is mainly dry and average temperatures are about 18-20 degrees Celsius. Please note that in the mountainous regions of the country, temperatures will be much lower than this, so warm clothing is required if you are traveling to hill tribe areas during the winter months.

  Hanoi ( North) Danang (centre) Saigon(South)
Av. Temp
Av. Temp
Av. Temp
Jan 17 18 22 101 27 15
Feb 18 28 22 31 28 4
Mar 20 38 24 12 29 13
Apr 24 81 27 18 30 42
May 28 197 29 47 29 221
Jun 30 238 30 42 29 331
Jul 30 322 30 99 28 314
Aug 29 343 28 117 28 268
Sep 28 252 26 447 27 334
Oct 26 98 24 530 27 268
Nov 22 42 22 221 27 114
Dec 19 21 21 208 27 56

The North ( From Northern mountains to Danang)

Areas north of the 18th Parallel have two seasons: winter and summer.

Winter last from around November to April, quite cool and wet, February and March are marked by a persistent drizzling rain.

The hot summer runs from May to October, very high humidity and it is also the season of occasional typhoons.


The Central ( From Danang to Nha trang)

Nha Trang and north central coastal lowlands have a long dry season from late January to October, accompanied by fog and fine drizzle. Other coastal lowlands are denied significant rainfall from the southwestern monsoon (April or May to October) by the Truong Son Mountain Range. It is very wet period.

Dalat like the rest of central highlands is much cooler than the Mekong Delta and the coastal strip. Its dry season is from December to March.


The South ( From Nha Trang to Mekong Delta )

The South has two main seasons: the wet and the dry.

The wet season last from May to November (June to August are wettest months). There are heavy but short lived downpours almost daily, in the afternoon.

The dry season runs from December to April (Late February to May are hottest and very humid). It is also the beginning of rainy season.

In Ho Chi Minh City, average annual temperature is 27°C, average humidity is 80% and annual rainfall averages 1979 mm. 




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Météo d'aujourd'hui

Hanoi Temperature Hanoi
Halong Bay Temperature Halong
Hue Temperature Hue
Danang Temperature Danang
Nhatrang Temperature Nhatrang
Phanthiet/Muine Temperature Phanthiet
HCM Temperature Saigon
Phuquoc Temperature Phuquoc



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