Yunnan Weather

Source: Josh Summers at TravelChinaCheaper


When is the best time to travel to China? The fact is that China is a big country and anybody who gives you a “one size fits all” answer probably doesn’t understand that.No matter what season of year, there is always a place in China that is worth visiting. I’ve traveled in the dead of winter and in the heat of the summer – both experiences have had their ups and downs.



If there is any way to avoid it, there is a specific time during which you should avoid stepping foot in China – Spring Festival.

If you’re doing your research you’ll probably read other travel websites telling you to avoid all China holidays but this isn’t true. I’ve traveled plenty of times during the National Holiday (October 1) and Labor Day (May 1) and it’s been great. The holiday has been cut short so much that now almost all Chinese citizens have decided its not worth traveling during those holidays anymore.

The one exception is the Chinese New Year (aka “Spring Festival”). Not only is each mode of transportation packed full, most shops, grocery stores and even some tourist attractions are closed during this holiday. Because it’s based on the lunar calendar, you’ll need to check which specific days the Spring Festival lands on.


There aren’t too many places in China that you can’t visit in between the months of April and June. The only exception might be the far northern parts of Heilongjiang and Xinjiang, which can still be quite cold during April and May.

Throughout the south of China the wet season has begun, which may be a bit of a hassle but at the same time could enhance your trip with early morning mist which can be spectacular in places like Guilin and Yunnan.


The weather will be quite dry in places like Beijing and Xi’an, so this is a great time to visit those two places before it gets terribly hot in the summer.



July and August is the peak travel season here in China, mostly because everybody is off from school all over the world. It’s not always the best time to visit, however. Places like Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu and Xi’an are all crazy hot and incredibly uncomfortable.

That’s not to say that you can’t visit, just be prepared with plenty of water and make sure to book your lodging in advance since it gets booked up quickly during the summer months.

Summer is an excellent time to find your way out to Tibet, where temperatures are a bit more mild with the high altitude, or down to Hainan, sometimes referred to as the “Hawaii of China”, where you can at least lay by the beach when it gets hot.



Like the April and May months, September and October is another excellent time to visit China. Places like Xinjiang, which are normally blazing hot in the summer and still a bit too cold in spring, are in perfect season.

Same goes for Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and all of the other major tourist cities. What I suggest, however, is that you try to make your way inland during these months. Take some warmer clothes for the evening.


Frankly, there isn’t really a bad place to visit during these months, which is why September and October are such popular travel months here in China.



Finally, we’re left with the winter. Most people try to avoid traveling to China during the winter but the fact is that there are some great places to visit between the months of November and March. Most of these places are in the south, including Hong Kong, Macau, Hainan, Yunnan and others.

Of course, if you’re really brave, China is gorgeous under a blanket of snow. Walking through Beijing or around Pingyao while it has a few inches of snow can be very memorable. The problem is you never quite know when it’s going to actually snow, so if you’re unlucky you’ll just be stuck walking around with your teeth chattering (trust me, I’ve done this while taking my family on the Great Wall and it was miserable).

There are a few places in China that have made a name for themselves during the winter months, particularly Harbin, whose ice festival is one that shouldn’t be missed.

Make sure you watch your calendar during the winter months, though. As I mentioned earlier, it’s important that you at least be aware of when the Chinese New Year lands so that you can be prepared or avoid it all together.

What is your favorite season or month to visit China? Why?