Environmental Education – Bamboo straws

WRAPPING UP & SETTLING BACK IN It’s been two weeks since I returned to Canada, and I feel that time has never flown by so fast. You are so quickly shocked back into your normal routine that life-changing experiences you had only a short time ago feel like eons away. That’s why I’m especially grateful […]

Annual Mid-autumn festivals for children

Mid-autumn festival is the happy festival in Vietnam. It comes on 15th August according to Lunar Calendar. Every year, at that day, the moon will be so round and bright. All of Vietnamese families, especially children enjoy this festival together. That is why it is called the reunion festival. Discovery Indochina teams understand how important […]

Charity Food and clothers for Notheast minority groups

Discovery Indochina Travel team always understand the life difficulties of many minority groups in northeast areas. We are always trying to collect more and more clothes, food, and books to give them every time we have a trip bringing our guests to those places. Our guests were enjoying those kinds of events because they also […]