Vietnam Rice Field


Pho Hanoi

One morning of Hanoi autumn, enjoying a bowl of Beef Pho with a cup of coffee can be amazing. Many of our guests are saying that they can eat Pho all day. And hope all of 23 days in Vietnam holiday trip will start with a bowl of Pho. Autumn is all around Hanoi. The […]

Embroidery picture about a carp: Cá chép hóa rồng

Folklore in Asia has said that, when Heaven and Earth were newly formed, it was God that made the rain and wind. Not only this, but the river, the sea, and the creatures living in the water- all were created by God, who is the source of everything. Eventually, God was so busy creating people […]

Must-eats in Myanmar: Burmese Cuisine

Heading to Myanmar soon? Or just curious about the different culinary delights of Southeast Asia? While the Indochina region may appear small and clustered, each country has hundreds of cultural groups and specialities- especially when it comes to food. We have collected some of the must-eats in Myanmar, in hopes that you will come to […]

wildlife protection and responsible tourism conference

Discovery Indochina at the Wildlife Protection and Responsible Tourism Conference, 30 July 2019

Discovery Indochina was recently invited to attend a conference on Wildlife Protection and Responsible Tourism, held by the National Administration of Tourism, TRAFFIC – the wildlife trade monitoring network, and several other International non-governmental organizations, on 30 July 2019.   Source: Pham Thai Ha, Viện Nghiên cứu Phát triển Du lịch   The conference focused […]

Dina Foundation

Dina Foundation   The DINA Foundation is a not-for-profit fund that has distributed 1+1+1 ( 1% of ownership capital + 1 % time of all staffs and 1% products) contributing to education, child welfare, youth startup, gender equality, sustainable development and environmental and wildlife protection.   Contributing to one of the many projects supported by […]


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Visa application form

DISCOVERY INDOCHINA 2nd Floor, 69 Quan Thanh Str, Hanoi, Vietnam Phone: + 84-4 7164132, Fax: + 84-4 7164133 Hotline:+84-918763713 E-mail: [email protected] Website: PASSPORT DETAILS FOR VISA APPLICATION APPROVAL FOR VIETNAM Please complete the details in this form exactly as they appear in your passport. No Name in full Gender Nationality Date of birth Passport […]