Vietnam Art – Tea time with Pham Luc, a famous Vietnamese Artist

Phạm Lực is a Vietnamese painter. Pham Luc served in the North Vietnamese army - as a painter. Luc has exhibited paintings in Vietnam and overseas, and continues to paint. He has one daughter and...


Discover highly creative and artistic live shows about the culture of Vietnam: New Vietnam Circus,Nha Trang Dream show, Tu Phu - Four Palaces, Water Puppet Show

Teaching English for local kids

Teaching English for local community in Vietnam

English teaching for local community is fun and rewarding experience. You can help Teaching English and book offering to the village library in Vietnam

Open Hope Library Project

Open Hope Library Project makes libraries and English classes

Open Hope Library Project is a non-profit project of Dina Foundation. This project help mobilising resources to donate books and build libraries for children in the mountainous area. The project...

A stilt house of Muong people

Muong Ethnic Encounter 2days 1 night trip

The wild beauty, hospitality of local people and interesting experiences at Muong ethnic minority in HoaBinh will make you fall in love this place at first sight. You can get insight into culture and...

Top 8 Destinations for trekking in Myanmar

The magical land of Myanmar is most famous for its myriad temples and stupas scattered in almost every part of the country. But it’s not only all about temples. Myanmar is also one of Asia’s most...


Ca Mau – Vietnam’s southernmost province

This 300-year-old land is the ending point of the S-shaped Vietnam. Ca Mau Cape, 180 kilometers from Ca Mau City, is the only place in Vietnam where people can see both ocean sunrise and sunset in...

Tra que village

Tra Que Village – A must-see in Hoi An

Located about 3 kilometers from the center of Hoi An in central Vietnam, Tra Que Village is well-known as the freshest and cleanest herb and vegetable supplier in Hoi An.