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What is enlightenment?

There is an old monk who lived on the top of the mountain for many years. The scenery around the mountain is very poetic, with a winding stream. One day, there is a scholar heard that the monk had attained enlightenment. The scholar decided to visit the monk. “When the scholar arrived at the temple, […]

“Phố Nhà Thờ” – A Vietnamese novel by a western author

I was curious and excited about the Vietnamese novel written about Hanoi. But what makes it special is that it was written by a western guy. I found it very funny and excited to read about how he reacted when he first came to Hanoi. When he saw the railway cafe near Le Duan station, […]

Buddhism in Asian Culture

Buddhism is one of the most important part in Asian culture. According to this religion, there is one thing called “karma”. That means you get what you sew. Therefore, people believe that if you do the good things in life, the good result will come to you as return, and vice versa.  Buddhist really believes […]

Huong Canh pottery village

The rustic pottery art of Huong Canh

The 300-year-old village is situated on the side of National Highway Two, about one hour drive from Hanoi to the north. Yet archeological excavated pieces of ceramics found in the village are dating back about a thousand years. The villagers made vases for keeping rice, maize and other grain crops and later on, producing vases […]

Water Puppet artist Phan Thanh Liem

Hanoi Artist Phan Thanh Liem shares his passion of Water Puppetry

Talk with Artist Phan Thanh Liem and get insight into the art of making water puppetry and learn why so many travelers flock to water puppet show