Corporate Social Responsibility

Discovery Indochina values corporate responsibility and sustainability (CR&S) as a primary business objective. We recognize that taking a leadership position on social and environmental issues is essential for creating a sustainable competitive advantage, and doing business in both the regional and international arena.

Furthermore, Discovery Indochina believes it is important to lead by example- so we have appointed a Director of Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainability to guide the initiative. This decision has solidified our commitment to significantly investing in meaningful CR&S  projects and initiatives.

Discovery Indochina’s approach to CR&S is to follow international best practices (the Global Reporting Initiative and the International Organization for Standardization) and to develop programs customized to address issues that are significant and relevant to both the business and stakeholders. In early 2012 Discovery Indochina adopted a Corporate Commitments policy as cornerstone for developing an integrated management system to guide the CR&S program and create business value.






As a professional, office-based company, Discovery Indochina’s Environmental, Health & Safety risk profile is relatively insignificant. However, the EHS performance and effects of our facilities, contractors and service providers is in comparison more impactful. In recent years the company has conformed to international standards and expectations by:

• Appointing independent, internationally-recognized environmental advisors.

• Undertaking environmental and social impact assessments that comply with international requirements, for all company trips.

• Integrating the recommendations of the above assessments into our operating projects.

The offices of Discovery Indochina are actively working towards more healthful and environmentally-conscious workplaces, and are eager to share their progress on our social media accounts, like our Facebook and DINA Foundation pages.




We are committed to developing business relationships that last. Building on its experience, expertise and dedication, Discovery Indochina is a renowned name in the production of and operation of sustainable tourism today. Sustainability is integral to Discovery Indochina’s business values and finds expression in its commitment to enhance the deployment of tours line benchmarks of economic, environmental and social performance.

There are four key strands to doing this: Health, Safety and Environmental Performance; Recycling Energy; Community Initiatives; and CR&S projects.




Discovery Indochina has committed a significant budget to meaningful corporate social responsibility (CSR) projects and initiatives and continues to invest in CSR initiatives, along with considering CRS with its five-year plan.

As a Vietnamese company with a portfolio of assets based in Vietnam, our future is intrinsically linked with the socioeconomic development of Vietnam and the Indochina region. Discovery Indochina believes that nurturing and developing one of our greatest resources- people- remains the anchor for sustainable growth of the economy, as well as societal well-being. We demonstrate this commitment by hiring local citizens wherever possible, and are proud to have introduced human resource development programs, including advanced research, graduate programs and youth technical training.