Hanoi Municipal People’s Committee

The building of the People’s Municipal Committee is the seat of the government of the city of Hanoi which is the capital of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. As a capital, Hanoi is the political, administrative, cultural, scientific, educational and economic center of the country.

Hanoi was recognized as “City for Peace” in 1999 by UNESCO and “Heroic Capital” in 2000 by the President of the State.

With its thousand-year history, Hanoi is one of the oldest capitals of Southeast Asia.

The values ​​of Hanoi, namely heroism, talent and elegance, originate from the noble values ​​of Vietnam.

The Hanoi People’s Committee is an executive body of the Municipal People’s Council. As a municipal administrative body, it is responsible for the implementation of the Constitution, laws, government documents and resolutions of the Municipal People’s Council.

The Municipal People’s Committee manages a four-tier administrative system that provides for the administrative management of the state with specific tasks and authority provided by law. These tasks and powers relate to the relations with the Municipal People’s Committee and are managed by the central government administration.