Library of Hoan Kiem district

The National Library of Vietnam was created by decree on November 29, 1917 as the Central Library of Indochina while Vietnam was under French occupation. It took the successive names of Pierre Pasquier (February 28, 1935), National Library (October 20, 1945), Central Library of Hanoi (February 1947) before taking its current name on November 21, 1958.

On that date, the Library was renamed the National Library of Vietnam (Thư Viện Quốc Gia Việt Nam) and it is now the central library of the country. A government agency under the direction of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the Library is in charge of the collection and preservation of the documentary heritage of the country as well as the acquisition, organization and supply of resources information for the society.

The Library is equipped with a modern and complete system of equipment and facilities to meet the growing needs of the user community. The Vietnam National Library, a prestigious Vietnamese institution, is a place that preserves knowledge. To be discovered by all national and foreign readers.