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With its heritage stemming back more than 700 years, Chiang Mai depicts much of Thailand's fascinating traditional architecture, age-old culture and values, artistry and flair. Although retaining much of its history, it is a city juxtaposing modernity and a bygone era. It is a captivating journey, where you will witness a unique combination of centuries-old temples and pagodas adjacent to stylish hotels and convenient stores.

Walking through modern day Chiang Mai takes you through the sights and scenery of a thriving, bustling city. Situated in the centre is the old city, surrounded by the historic gates to the city. Blessed with unspoiled mountains, splendid waterfalls, vast national parks, and colourful gardens, the city showcases distinct beauty and diversity. 

In the days of ancient times, when gods ruled the earth and mythological creatures roamed the lands, ruled the seas, and reigned from the skies, the magnificent Phaya Naga existed. According to northern legend, this formidable serpentine creature, a symbol of strength, opulence, and eternal life, helped the righteous Kings in building the city.

Drawing inspiration from this mystical creature, De Naga Chiang Mai displays an array of Naga throughout the hotel in the form of statues, ornaments and various decorative details. Befitting to the northern region of Thailand, the hotel exemplifies the strikingly exotic Lanna style. Using a distinctly typical Lanna architectural design, which is evident from the steep gabled roof descending from an elongated pinnacle into curved, flame-shaped eaves, the architecture originates from the northern parts of Thailand. The hotel is constructed using teakwood and elevated from the ground in the traditional manner.

Restaurants & Bars

Naga Restaurant, De Naga Hotel - Chiang Mai




Designed in a contemporary Thai-style, Naga Restaurant is situated just next to the hotel lobby area and offers a hearty breakfast buffet every day from 6:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. Enjoy a wide selection of Thai & Western dishes, homemade breads, pastries and jams, or try our made to order omelet station. You’ll have plenty of energy to enjoy all of Chiang Mai’s activities and attractions. 




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