Dina Foundation

Dina Foundation


The DINA Foundation is a not-for-profit fund that has distributed 1+1+1 ( 1% of ownership capital + 1 % time of all staffs and 1% products) contributing to education, child welfare, youth startup, gender equality, sustainable development and environmental and wildlife protection.


Contributing to one of the many projects supported by The Dina Foundation is your chance to give back to the places you’ve travelled to and help improving  lives around the world.


  • The Dina Community Project Fund supports around many villagers doing great work in Discovery Indochina operating destinations. Many of these families and communities and their projects can be visited during your trip.


  • The Charity Fund supports a range of trips to the countries side. All donations made to this fund are equally divided each year, with half retained to conserve and grow capital for funding projects into the future and half distributed to our current trip that you could participate



Gender Equality & Sustainable development


  • Loom Projects

–  For H’mong, Thai, Mương people

– Projects of dyeing and weaving for Laichi people in Ha Giang, Hmong People in Quanba

– Projects to promote the traditional weaving of Muong people in Hoa Binh, Tai people in Nghe An, Dienbien, Sơnla

  • Community Based Tourism Project

– Curate people to develop  home stay accommodation combined with tourism activities

– Trainning  for people how to work in rendering hospitalities service to better serve visitors

– Expanding the network to bring more customer and thus help  them raise their income

  • Bamboo Straw Project 


  • Open Hope Library Project

The project opens the door for hope for children, women in remote areas, villages where the resource is limited. This brings access to knowledge through library activities, and teaching English.

  • Thap sáng Uớc Mơ – Scholarship to the underpriviled student
  • Nụ Cười Nhân Ái


Youth StartUp

  • BookUp Project – Book giving to the youth
  • ActionUp Project – Soft skill talks
  • Mekong StartUp



  • MienQueShow    mienqueshow.com
  • Family Tree Project



  • Keep Mekong Clean & Beautiful Day
    Organise staffs,  partners, suppliers,  customers and local people   to join in a clean up day in  Mekong River
  • Sustainable development
    Bring more knowledge to staffs, raising awareness of responsibility in tourism industry. Training staffs and people to implement environmental protection programs. To preserve and revive indigenous culture through cultural and artistic activities for travelers.
  • Responsible Tourism



  • Painting school, Teaching English, Street kids coaching
  • Blanket, gift offering, books
    Gifts, books and clothes for children in remote areas on the occasion of mid-autumn, new school year.
  • Food offering to underprivileged Children at Hospital
    Working together with Banh Cuon Ba Hanh,  Mint Cafe and Cinnamon Hotel to donates food supplies annually  to needy patience in the hospital