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Safety in Myanmar

Safety Crime In places open to foreigners, Myanmar is relatively safe, with very little crime. Still, you should take the usual precautions of using hotel lockers or safes for your valuables. Female travellers should not experience any harassment or different treatment. No-go zones Some parts of the country remain closed to foreigners due to ongoing […]

Laos cycling tour

Safety in Laos

Source: LonelyPlanet Over the last couple of decades Laos has earned a reputation among visitors as a remarkably safe place to travel, with little crime reported and few of the scams so often found in more touristed places such as Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. And while the vast majority of Laotians remain honest and welcoming, things […]


Safety in Thailand

Although Thailand is not a dangerous country to visit, it is smart to exercise caution, especially when it comes to dealing with strangers (both Thai and foreigners) and travelling alone. In reality you are more likely to be ripped off or have a personal possession surreptitiously stolen than you are to be physically harmed. Motorcycle […]


Safety in Cambodia

In general, Cambodia is very safe for travelers. Violent attacks are rare, although theft is a problem. When possible, secure your valuables in the hotel safe. Remember to record your traveler’s check numbers and credit card info—just in case. Do not leave your wallet or mobile phone in the back pocket of your pants or […]

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Safety in Vietnam

Vietnam is a relatively safe country for visitors, including women travelling alone. In fact, given the country’s recent history, many tourists, particularly Americans, are pleasantly surprised at the warm reception that foreign travellers receive. That said, petty crime is on the rise – though it’s still relatively small–scale and shouldn’t be a problem if you […]