List of eco-friendly stores by categories in Vietnam


An Xanh 1958 Veggie Cafe: Enjoy this cool green garden with varied drinks using glass bottles and eco-friendly straws towards green living.
Body Impact: Cool juices and tasty fresh salads for healthy meals.
Caztus Ice Blended: Encourage reducing plastics by selling reusable items and offering 10% off for customers who bring their own cups.
Grain milk: 100% nut milk from a wide variety of healthy nuts and grains in glass bottles.
House of Chay Vegetarian: Vegan restaurant offers fresh food from homegrown vegetables, commits to zero waste lifestyle and has an online store providing eco-friendly products.
Joy Garden Coffee: Green coffee shop and indoor plant shop that offers alternatives to plastic products.
La Holista: Plastic free business offering plant-based diet food and juices.
Măng’s mania Vegetarian Restaurant: Vegan restaurant with diverse menu, using disposable food containers made from wheat for take-away and applying reuse policy for returned containers.
Nông Sản Xanh Mr.Tài: 100% pure nut milk with grass straws.
PJ’s Coffee: Pioneering coffee brand in reducing plastics by switching to eco-friendly alternatives.
The Diner V: American style restaurant serving high-quality authentic American recipes and drinks in glass bottles and glass straws.
The Organik House: Vegan restaurant serves healthy dishes cooked by Italian chef and provides varied eco-friendly products such as sugarcane food containers and palm leaf tableware.
Union Jack’s Fish & Chips: Authentic British plates with eco-friendly alternatives to reduce plastics.

Chocolate Hoi An (Handmade Chocolate in paper box, you can get a big discount if you bring your own box) 

Black Market: Providing imported products, rare goods and high-quality food.
Dầu gội dưỡng sinh Hương Như: Traditional hair shampoo made from 11 different kinds of herb.
Đồn điền: Body care products including soap bars, perfumes made from natural and local ingredients with eco-friendly packaging.
Eco shop: Online market with green groceries and natural personal care products.
Fresh and Natural: 100% Handcrafted soap bars and personal care products using natural ingredients and green packaging.
Green garden: Diverse soap bars, balms and skin care products with affordable price.
Green Lady Vietnam: Cloth menstrual pads for gentle, safe and eco-friendly period.
Hợp tác xã sinh dược: Personal care products developed from therapeutic and traditional recipes.
Kem đánh răng cà tím: Natural tooth powder made from charred eggplant with minimum use of chemicals for better health and greener environment.
Lê Mai Artisanal Soap: Beautiful and standard soap bars packaged in eco-friendly boxes.
Leaf shop: A greener option for groceries goods and personal care products.
Lintimate: Eco-friendly and easy-to-use menstrual cups from the US for a greener and more hygienic menstruation.
Nắng Thảo Mộc spa: Green spa treatment using all natural ingredients towards green lifestyle.
Nâu nâu: Personal care products such as shampoo contained in glass bottles that can be returned for reuse purpose.
Organic – Khởi nguồn sống xanh: Green store that provides healthier and greener products such as shopping bags and toothbrush.
Potamides: Pretty and standard handmade soap bars.
Saigon Suds: Handcrafted soap bars from natural ingredients.
The Jungle Herbs: Organic and health care products.
VietHerb: Traditional and organic products for a healthy body, hair and skin made from Vietnamese natural ingredients.
CHOI – Organic Cotton & Eco Lifestyle: Organic cotton products for better lives and greener environment.
Goosewalk: Unique and lovely vintage, second-hand clothing and accessories.
Indiehand – Thổ cẩm ta: Beautifully designed handicraft products and accessories made from natural textiles.
Leinné: A boutique apartment for artistic clothes & accessories from lien, cotton and natural fibers such as raffia.
Linen Land: Green fashion brand with designed linen clothing.
Metiseko – It’s a journey: Fabric designs in clothing, homeware and accessories that are hand screen printed onto luxurious natural silk and organic cotton.
Bồ Hòn – Made by Háu: Organic soap nuts that can replace all the cleaning supplies, help cutting down chemical-based products in your home.
Layer Clean Việt Nam – Sản phẩm giặt rửa hữu cơ: Organic cleaning products.
Naturally Clean: Natural soap and cleaning powder products.
Quả bồ hòn – Be Bio: Organic soap nuts that can replace all the cleaning supplies, minimizing chemical-based products in your home.
A little bit: Providing green alternatives to reduce single-use plastic products.
Annam Gourmet Market: Promoting sustainable development while offering a wide range of high quality European food and beverage products.
Chạy nhặt: A community working to clean up litter and sell unique cloth bags to raise fund and organize give-away.
Clever Changes: Providing green alternatives such as biodegradable beeswax food wraps to reduce single-use plastic products.
Coconam: Providing various green alternatives for your home and daily use.
Cửa hàng 3T: Producing creative handicraft products made from natural and recycled materials.
Fabric culture: Cloth bottle sling to carry your drinks everywhere and reduce plastic bags.
Friendly Kitchen: Eco-friendly kitchen utensils and alternative products towards plastic free for a greener house.
Go Eco Hanoi: Promoting eco-friendly habits and providing a wide variety of goods and bulk foods.
Honey Bee Wraps: Handmade beeswax food wraps to replace plastic wrap.
Keeosk 1001: Green alternatives to plastic products such as straws, toothbrush,… with reasonable price.
Lại đây Refill Station: Zero-plastic store providing various fineness and eco-friendly alternative products.
Meraki Handmade: Handmade bottle sling to carry your drinks everywhere and reduce plastic bags.
Organic village: Green kitchen utensils and goods such as wooden spoon, bamboo straws and toothbrush.
Sadec District: Interior designed decorators and furniture made from metals, wood, bamboo, ceramics and natural fibers.
Sạp Hàng Chàng Sen: Eco-friendly shop offering various products towards a greener lifestyle and greener home.
Siêu thị Auchan: French hypermarket chain that pioneers in zero-waste, reducing plastics and food is sold in bulk.
T-bee Reusable Wraps: Handmade beeswax food wraps made of cotton cloth, beeswax, coconut oil and tree resin, a green alternative to cling film.
Tạp hoá Lá Xanh – A zero waste shop: Bulk store that provides organic food with cloth bags.
Tre shop: Providing eco-friendly products made from bamboo.
Xơ mướp Vi Lâm: Specializing in home care products and handicraft accessories made from luffa.
Xoài linen & cotton: Providing bed sheets, pillowcases, blankets made from natural fabrics such as linen and cotton.
Zero Waste Saigon: Offering amazing plastic-free and sustainable products towards zero-waste lifestyle.



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