Zero waste store & Refill Stations in Vietnam



You can see more at that link:

Here is the list made by myself:




THE NORTH VIETNAM: (HN – means Hanoi)

Go Eco Hanoi (HN – Zero waste Store – almost have everything like daily necessities)

Trại Cá (HN – Zero waste Store – zero waste products)

Hoa Đất – Tiêu dùng an lành (HaNoi- – the healthy food in reusable boxes)

Sạp hàng Chàng Sen (HN – bamboo toothbrushes, stainless steel straws, bamboo, grass straws)

V’s HOME – Veggie Restaurant & CAFE (HN- Vegetarian food in glass jars)

Nông trại hữu cơ Tuệ Viên (HN) Bếp Mộc Lan (HN – the vegetarian kitchen, the food contained in the glass boxes or Boxes made of bagasse)


Papa’s Dreamer – Xà bông của Ba (HN – Handmade soap, wrapped in paper containing seeds; Toothpaste, natural shampoo)

Zó Project (HN – the paper for decoration)

Kilomet109 (HN – Clothes made from organically grown fabrics and naturally dyed, sustainably exploited)

Hemp – vải Lanh (HN – Organic and naturally dyed fabric)

Nhặt lá, đá ống bơ (HN – Fabric bags and items made from natural dyed fabrics)

Đu đủ (HN – Natural products)

Green Lady Vietnam (HN – Organic cloth sanitary pads)

Uni Organicbread (HN – Homemade unpackaged cake)

LÀNH (HN – clean food and bottle reuse program)

Xơ Mướp Vi Lâm (Products made from loofah)

Quả Bồ Hòn – Be Bio Quả giặt Bồ Hòn – Xà phòng tự nhiên (HN – selling Soapnuts/ or Sopaberries)

TRE SHOP (HN – bamboo products)

Clever Changes (HN – beeswax fabric replaces plastic wrap)

Tiệm bánh Tròn Xoe (HN – Bakeries do not use plastic bags

Chocolate Hoi An (Handmade Chocolate in paper box, you can get a big discount if you bring your own box) 



Map of Zero Waste shops in Hoi An:


THE SOUTH VIETNAM: (HCM – means Ho Chi Minh city)


Tạp hoá Lá Xanh- a zero waste shop (HCM – Zero waste Store – Grocery store sell all kinds of food, no packaging, bring boxes or bags to buy)

Lại Đây Refill Station (HCM – Zero waste store – Place to refill of foods and environmentally friendly home appliances)

Cửa hàng 3T (HCM – bamboo straws, straws from the grass, papyrus mats, cloth bags sewn from old clothes) (HCM – All unpacked food and you need to bring your own boxes to buy)

May Lala ( Vũng Tàu – The craft shop sells eco-friendly products)



Vietnam Sustainable Space (HN – Hội An – Exchange program of old furniture, filling free bottles of water, environmentally friendly products)

VietHerb – Thuốc nam của người Việt (Herbal shampoo, face wash powder in ceramic jar,…)

MONO (HN – HCM – Linen clothes)

AnEco – Sản phẩm vi sinh phân hủy hoàn toàn : Fully biodegradable bags sold at the supermarket


(These are the places I know, hope you can help me supplement the list)

About Ecobrick: It is the cleaning of trash bags and then filling them in plastic jars to make bricks, but there is still much debate about the benefits and harms of Ecobrick

Electronic waste collection locations, please check out: Việt Nam Tái Chế

Collection site for recycling waste: NHC – Hành trình giải cứu Rác chết

Link to summarize the types of recyclables and places of collection:








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