Banh Mi – The King of Vietnamese street food

Iamfoodblog – World famous food blogger has said that “I can’t remember the first time I had a banh mi, but I do remember that once I started, I didn’t stop.”. Indeed, in recent years, across the travel and food blogs and even lifestyle bloggers, all these people become “Banh Mi-aholic” . It seems that the Banh Mi has really “seized the throne” of Pho and become the most favorite Vietnamese dish and the King of Vietnamese street food of foreigners.



In the past 1-2 years, all that foreigners have to say about Vietnamese food is Banh Mi. Banh Mi everywhere, on newspapers, in travel experiences of food bloggers. In the United Kingdom or the United States (and many other Western countries), bakery shops grow like mushrooms such as Bun mee, Banh mi My Tho (USA) hay Keu, Banh Mi Bay, (England).



In Malaysia, there is a  brand called “Banh Mi”. And it is a “big bang” as it becomes a favorite place for Malaysians. In Thailand, there is a bread semi-trailer for all over the city. This is the most sought after name here. Yum Brands-The group that owns KFC and Pizza Hut even opened a bakery and dubbed the Banh Shop in Texas.




Banh Mi’s delight is the result of a perfect combination of Western cuisine and the essence of Vietnamese food. This meal is full of the characteristics of a modern street food for every busy person. It is close to Westerners but also full of  sophisticated Asian flavors.



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