Myanmar – Accommodation and hotels

The majority of hotels in the country are just family addresses, sometimes with only a lino hiding a concrete floor, a mosquito net, a fan that stops at midnight (like the generator) and a cold shower on the ground floor. Popular destinations (such as Yangon, Bagan, Inle Lake, Mandalay, Ngapali Beach) are home to higher-end resorts similar to Thailand’s upscale resorts, with bungalow-style rooms, pools, tennis courts and restaurants. supervised by European leaders. Between these two extremes (but of closer quality to low budget options), you will find a lot of modern Chinese style hotels, of variable quality, all made on the same model: tiled floor, private bathroom with hot water and refrigerator in a corner.

In principle, all accommodations provide free breakfast (usually eggs and toasts, but sometimes real treats with local dishes, such as mohinga, a spicy noodle soup with fish). The staff can very often change your money, take care of your laundry (from 1000 K per machine in cheap pensions), rent bikes, book a taxi, sell transport tickets and find a guide English speaking.


Mandalay Hill Resort Hotel


The Kandawgyi Palace Hotel


Ayarwaddy River View Hotel



Foreigners have the right to stay only in licensed hotels and pensions, which should in principle offer at least 5 rooms and reach a certain standard. Before, in the less visited cities, some owners circumvented these rules, but this practice tends to disappear. Employees prefer to claim that the hotel is full rather than confess that they do not have a license.

In the evenings, hotels and guesthouses must fill out police sheets for each guest, along with the details of the visa and the passport number. However, they are not obliged to keep the passport.

Types of hotels

It is not difficult for travelers to find a place to stay when they come to Myanmar. Stay here, there are a lot of  hotels, hostels, homestays with good quality service and affordable price. You only spend about $ 20-25/ night for the double-bed room (in hotel) and from $ 5-7/person/day if you rest in hostel, dorm. The areas that attract most visitors are Bagan, Mandalay, Inle Lake,… Let’s “go through” some amazing hotels  in Myanmar.

Rose Garden Hotel

Hotels and pensions that are allowed to host foreigners display their prices in US dollars. It is usually possible to pay in kyats, but prices being converted at a slightly unfavorable rate, it is more interesting to pay your accommodation in dollars. Prices for medium and lower class hotels include taxes, while in the higher category, the bill is generally extended by 20% tax and service. A few higher class hotels accept credit cards.

The establishments are classified in order of price. When useful, we present them in 3 categories: small budgets (double to less than US $ 16), middle category (doubles from US $ 16 to US $ 35) and the higher category (more than US $ 35) . Most hotels have double pricing (foreigners and Burmese).

Bargaining is possible in most hotels, especially in the low season (March to October). Travelers who arrive early – disembarking from a night bus that arrives around 6 am or 7 am – will only pay the next night.



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