Exploring the top 10 highest mountains in Vietnam

“The mountains are calling and I must go.” – John Muir. Once spending time in the wilderness, you will not be able to resist going back there. Do you love exploring the mysterious mountains? Are you interested in Vietnam? We suggest for you the top 10 highest mountains in Vietnam, and perhaps one of those could be your next adventure.


  1. Fansipan (3143m) – The Roof of Indochina

At the height of 3,143m, Fansipan has been widely known as the highest mountain in Vietnam and “the Roof of Indochina”. The mountain, which is located on Hoang Lien Son mountains range, is an ideal rendezvous for those who love adventure travel. A mountain climb lasting for two or three days requires participants a good health.



  1. Pu Ta Leng (3096m)

Located 3,049 meters above sea level on the Hoang Lien Son mountain range, Pu Ta Leng is the second highest mountain in Indochina and dubbed “the Second Roof of Indochina”. Though not as famous as other mountains, but Pu Ta Leng’s beautiful scenery is really worth looking for.



  1. Pu Si Lung (3076m)

Situated at an altitude of more than 3,000 meters on the border between China and Vietnam, Pu Si Lung Mountain is a dream destination for adventure travelers and hiking enthusiasts. It has certain riskiness but very worthy for those who favor in exploring and learning the nature. Specially, without guidance of a border guard or local guide, you may get lost in jungle. Because of some sensitive matters about territory, you must have the license of Lai Chau Military Staff Committee to visit there.



  1. Bach Moc Luong Tu (3045m)

Bach Moc Luong Tu (3045m) is the most well-known mountain with young adventurers in Vietnam due to the favourite scenery full of cloud. Discovered in 2012 by backpackers, it is a mystic and new destination for adventure lovers.



  1. Khang Su Van (3012m)

Mount Khang Su Van, 3,012 m high, is a mountain with little information shared on tourist forums. This mountain is confirmed lies between two milestones 79, 80 on the border between Vietnam and China by the frontier post of Vang Ma Chai, Lai Chau.



  1. Ta Lien Son (2993m)

Perhaps because from the village looking up, the high mountain like the back of the buffalo living in the primeval forest in the foothills of the mountains so Ta Lien Son is also known as Co Trau (Buffalo’s neck). At the height of 2993m, it is the highest mountain in Ta Leng commune, Tam Duong district, Lai Chau province.



  1. Ta Chi Nhu (2979m)

Ta Chiu Nhu, known as Phu Song Sung according to the Thai or Chung Chua Nha according to the Mong, is one of the 10 highest peaks in Vietnam, with an elevation of 2,979 m. Located deep in the mountains of Pu Luong mass, Hoang Lien Son range, with the complex terrain and numerous steep along harsh climate, this mountain has become an exciting destination for adventure lovers. The highlight of Ta Chi Nhu is the cloud sea. As a result, it becomes the must-see place of those who like contemplating the beauty of the cloud.



  1. Nhiu Co San (2965m)

Not as famous as Phan Xi Pang, but with pristine forest, the rich vegetation but Nhiu Cu San mountain has a strong appeal to tourists. Nui Nhu Co San is located in the North West of Nhu Co San village in Sang Ma Sao commune – Bat Xat district and is one of the two highest peaks in this area. The pristine nature of the jungle along with the hospitality of the people here will certainly attract visitors not only once.



  1. Lung Cung (2925m)

Lung Cung Mount is in Lung Cung hamlet, Phin Ngai (Nam Co Ward, Mu Cang Chai District, Yen Bai Province). This mountain challenge the travelers right from the road to the village because it is a poor remote commune of the northwestern mountains. But in return, the landscape is extraordinary and beautiful.



  1. Nam Kang Ho Tao (2881)

Nam Kang Ho Tao is located in Lao Chai Commune, Sapa District, Lao Cai Province. The official name of the peak is Nam Kang Ho Tao or Xin Tcho Pao is still unclear but according to military maps, the name Nam Kang Ho Tao might be more accurate.



What are you waiting for? Immediately go to Vietnam and experience these extraordinarymountains with us.

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