List Vietnamese street food you must try at least once in your life

Recently, Vietnam has continued to appear on the CNN travel website. This time, CNN has made a sum of delicious street food in Vietnam that visitors must definitely try. Let’s see what these are!

Pho – Rice Noodle Soup



The first dish to be nominated by CNN is Pho – a dish that cannot be missed when talking about Vietnamese cuisine. If you walk along the streets of Vietnam, you will surely catch the familiar image of the roadside Pho. This dish is not too fussy at first sight, it only includes a thick broth, long strands of noodles. On top, sliced beef  or chopped chicken , a little extra herbs make a freshly prepared bowl of Pho.


Bun Cha – Noodle with grilled meat



After the noodles, bun cha is the second dish in the list of famous street food that CNN mentioned.  Pork pieces are sliced small,  marinated with bold seasoning, then be grilled on charcoal fire. A full Bun Cha dish includes barbecue, noodle, served with herbs and sauce.


Xoi – Sticky Rice



The list of delicious street food of Vietnam also appears sticky rice. It’s not a side dish or simple snack, but it can be used as a main dish. A small sticky packet is added to a myriad of other ingredients such as tucked chicken, roasted meat or fried eggs, sprinkled with a little onion, it is delicious!


Goi Cuon – Wrap and Roll



Another dish also contributes to this list is wrap and roll food.This is a perfect choice for you to change your appetite if you are tired of greasy items. A well-rounded salad of meat and vegetables is carefully packaged, adding a touch of sweetened dipping sauce to make your tounge more fun.


Bun Bo Nam Bo – Vietnam Southern beef noodle



Different from the traditional noodles, Bun Bo Nam Bo are not eaten with broth. It is served with fried beef, fresh herbs, bean sprouts and sweet sour sauce, then is added a little peanut on the top. A strange and familiar dish for a fun weekend, right?


Cao Lau



The name of the Cao Lau also contributed to the list of 10 best street food in Vietnam. This famous dish in Hoi An is made of noodles like Japanese udon noodles, eaten with pork and fried wontons like Chinese cuisine, but the broth and herbs completely belong Vietnamese culinary characteristics.




Iamfoodblog – World famous food blogger has said that “I can’t remember the first time I had a banh mi, but I do remember that once I started, I didn’t stop.”. Indeed, in recent years, across the travel and food blogs and even lifestyle bloggers, all these people become “Banh Mi-aholic” . It seems that the Banh Mi has really “seized the throne” of Pho and become the most favorite Vietnamese dish and the King of Vietnamese street food of foreigners.


Bot Chien – Fried Dough



If you want to enjoy the street food more complete, do not forget the fried dough – the famous snack in Saigon. The fried flour is made from rice flour and tapioca starch, mixed with a little oil, then spread thinly on a hot pan, finally a mixture of eggs is poured into and thinned. Fries are usually served with pickled paprika, onions, chili sauce and vinegar.


Ca Phe Trung – Egg Coffee



Appearing at the end of the list, the egg coffee is the culinary dessert which CNN mentioned with constant praise. This is the dish that foreign tourists must tasted when to Hanoi. Smoothy egg with Vietnamese coffee really make a boom of taste. Although only found in small alleys in Hanoi, but egg coffee cafein are always crowded. The aroma of egg yolks, sweet coffee flavor, all make up the passionate duo which nothing can compare with.


Sapa – Town in clouds of Vietnam

Sapa – Town in clouds of Vietnam

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Ky Co beach - 'Maldives of Vietnam'

Ky Co beach – ‘Maldives of Vietnam’

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Go nuts for donuts in Da Lat

Go nuts for donuts in Da Lat

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