Wandering in Duong Lam ancient village

As a tourist destination outside Hanoi, Duong Lam is one of the ancient Vietnamese villages dating back over 300 years old. Duong Lam attracts tourists to the old red tile roofs, brick roads, laterite walls, or wells, yards, etc.

Visiting Duong Lam ancient village is a journey to discover the origin of culture and tradition of Vietnam. This is also an opportunity for tourists to admire the unique architecture of the ancient houses and a primitive Vietnamese village with small winding alleyways, visit the temples of two kings born in this village, and have talk with the locals in their own old house.

To enter the ancient village, visitors will go through the gate made of wood which is typical of the northern village with arched roof. The village has a closed structure with a main road, from which it leads all the ways to the village. Surrounding the village is the ponds which create a charming landscape, and on hot days, they pond are the air conditioners helping the atmosphere in the village becomes much more comfortable. The village also preserved many ancient houses were built of laterites and iron wood, making ancient look for Duong Lam.

Mong Phu Gate

The oldest thing in Duong Lam is probably located in the architecture of the village gate. The village gate with arched roof and ancient laterite conserves the rise and fall as well as cultural periods. There used to be 5 villge gates, a large gate and 4 smaller ones, after years of war, only one gate left. Mong Phu gate was built in 1833, the words “thế hữu hưng ngơi đại” are carved on the gate, it can be understood that “every time there are talented people here.”


Mong Phu village hall

Mong Phu village was built about 380 years ago with Vietnamese-Muong architecture which is said to be a flower of architectural art. In front of the hall, there is a large yard used as an art venue or place for village meeting. The yard is lower than the surrounding ground, when it rains, the water from the four sides will flow into the yard, this implicits in the desire for being well off.

Mong Phu Village Hall


Ancient houses

In Duong Lam there are many ancient houses to visit. Tourists can visit the 11 remaining ancient houses, most of which have been dining places for visitors.



Phung Hung Temple and Ngo Quyen Temple

Ngo Quyen and Phung Hung are national heroes who won the victory against invaders. Both temples retain the ancient typical features of ancient temples in Vietnam.

Phung Hung Temple


Ngo Quyen Temple



Ga Mia (Mia chicken)

Mia chicken has small legs, yellow feathers. It used to be a delicacy brought to Kings.

Mia Chicken


Banh Te (rice cake)

Bánh Tẻ


Che Lam

Che Lam




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