“Laap Salad” Recipi – Laos’s Unique “National Dish”

Among the various and eye-catching Laos dishes, “Laap” brings strange charm with different flavor, delicacy behind its rustic appearance. “Laap” means “Luck” (in Vietnamese: “Lộc”), is a dish for good godsend and peace. Let cook “Laap Salad”  –  Laos’s Unique “National Dish” together !

  • Ingredients: (for 4 people)


Pork (Beef, Chicken): 300 gr

Sticky rice: 300 gr

Limes: 2

Lemongrasses: 2

Red bird’s-eye chilies: 2 – 3

Green onion: 1

Red onion: 3 – 4

Lime leaves

Mint leaves

Vegetable: Lettuce leaves, sliced cucumber, coriander

Spices: Powdered grilled rice, sugar, fish sauce, oil, olive oil

  • Instruction

Step 1: Cook sticky rice

Laap with Sticky Rice


First, you can cook sticky rice with a cooker (if you don’t have a steamer). Follow these steps below:

– Boil a pot of water. Pour the rice into the rice cooker and add the boiling water to the rice, a little white salt then cover the pot. Avoid pouring much water.

– When the kettle on the Warm mode, sprinkle the rice and add 1 tablespoon of olive oil for sticky rice.

– Cover the steamer, remain it about 5 – 7 minutes then open the lid to let the water out.

Step 2: Ingredients preparation



–  Mince meat.

–  Heat the pan with a little oil and pour the pork into the frying pan, cook until meat’s dry.

– Chop lemongrass, lemon leaves, ½ mint leaves, green onions, red onion, and chili.

– Add into lemongrass, chili, lemon leaves, and green onion: lime juice, 1.5 tsp. fish sauce and 1.5 tsp. sugar.

Step 3: Mix, marinate and dish presentation



– Mix the meat, minced carrots and spices in a large bowl. Sprinkle the powdered grilled rice on the meat

– Put the meat on the plate, decorate with coriander and mint leaves and eat with the sticky rice and vegetable.




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