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Day 1 : Don Muang Airport / Ubon Ratchathani 
After gathering at the airport this morning, take an international flight to Don Muang Airport in Bangkok, go through the immigration formalities with the help of a professional team leader, then continue to transfer to the domestic flight, and arrive in Uganda, the province of northeastern Thailand in the evening. Upon arrival, you will be led to the local hot pot city to enjoy unlimited hot pots for your stomach. After dinner, go to the city hotel to stay.
Meals: Dinner.
Hotel: V Hotel Ubonratchathani or similar.
Day 2 : Ubon Ratchathani / Phat National Park / Pu'er Temple / Thai Border / Pakse
After breakfast, we will drive to the Phat National Park, one of Thailand's most famous national parks, to visit the weathered rock formations, the prehistoric murals, the first cliffs in Thailand, and then the Pu'er on the border hills. The temple, with beautiful views of the mountains and beautiful temples like movie sets; followed by a Thai tour guide to the Thai-Thai border for customs clearance. During the waiting period, you are free to rest at the border duty-free shops. Buying all kinds of local products such as the incredible Laoguo coffee and dried fruit, and then entering the country with the assistance of the tour guide of Laos; then proceeding to the first big city in southern Anhui, and also the Pakse, the third largest city in the country, and Stay in a selection of golf resorts.
[Papa National Park] The Phat National Park is made up of two cliffs, one overlooking the Mekong River and the other overlooking the country. In addition to the sinuous rock in the park, the most famous one is still on the cliff wall.
The prehistoric human murals of 3,000 to 4,000 years of history reflect the ancient way of life of the inhabitants, such as catching buck fish (a large scale-scale fish unique to the Mekong River), planting rice, and some geometric figures and figures.
Pu'er Temple Located on the hill, Pu'er Temple is a new and well-known attraction in Ubon Ratchathani. It is not an ancient temple, but it has a similar appearance to the historical heritage of the country, the Tongtong Temple. The eaves and the intricate carvings of the metallic color, in addition to the three-headed serpent god Naga around the temple body, and the human-shaped golden-winged bird street lamp statues standing on the sides of the trail ladder like the holy beast, Adding a little different beauty to Pu'er Temple. What's more, on the wall behind the temple, the same master who created the tree of life for the Tongtong Temple, also left the handed down works here, and because of the artistic concept of the movie Avatar, he boldly adopted The fluorescent paint spreads along the branches and leaves of the tree of life to the ground in front of it, as if life is proliferating and prosperous.
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch.

Overnight at Tad Lo

Day 3  Tadlo – Pakse – Wat Phou – Don Khong (B/…/…)

After an early breakfast, we head out towards Khong Island. On the way we make a short detour to visit Pha Suam waterfall and to stroll around the ethnic minority villages of Lao Teung. We continue to travel by road via Pakse town crossing the Mekong to visit the fascinating pre-angkorian ruins of Wat Phu, one of Southeast Asia's most dramatically situated temples. We have time to explore these intriguing Khmer ruins, which are perched at the base of Mount Phu Kao. Wat Phu is one of the Lao World Heritage sites recognized by UNESCO in 2001, this wonderful archeological site of Khmer civilization dates back to the 5th century, predating the famous Angkor Wat in Cambodia. We continue our journey by road to to Khong Island, the largest island in the South Mekong river region known as the 4000 islands, one of the most scenic areas in Laos.


Overnight in Don Khong


Day 4 : Don Khong – Khone Island (B/…/…)

Following breakfast, we enjoy a visit to the surrounding countryside, and embark on a long trail boat tour of the Don Khone area, which takes you to visit the remains of the French period, Liphi Waterfall or "the Corridor of the Devil". We return to the mainland at the fishing village Ban Nakasang and drive to hotel.


Overnight in Khong

Day 5 : Khong - Khone Phapheng – Pakse (B/…/…)

After breakfast, we transfer to visit Khone Phapheng on the journey. Khone Phapheng is considered the largest waterfall by volume in the South East Asia; this is really an impressive sight with marvelous nature near the Lao-Cambodian border, which is teeming with wildlife making this area one of the most breathtaking destinations in Laos. Afterward we drive back to Pakse.

Overnight in Pakse

Day 6 :Pakse – Chongmek Border (B/…/…)

After breakfast, free at leisure until the transfer to Chongmek border.

Day 7 : Pakse / Yutai Border / Ubon Ratchath City Tour (Golden Pavilion, OTOP Exhibition Center, Central Department Store)
Arrive to Ubon via Border & Travel to Ubon Ratchathani. On the way, you will pass through the local large fruit market. VIPs can purchase fresh seasonal fruits, as well as a variety of dry farm products, as well as wild honey from Northeastern specialties. Then head to Ubon Ratchathani
【OTOP Thailand Urban and Rural Propagation Project Souvenir Shop】 Different from the high-priced local products that the regular Thai group in the market likes to sell to tourists, we specially arranged OTOP products for the VIPs. The so-called OTOP refers to One Town One Product. Due to the extremely uneven distribution of urban and rural resources in Thailand, souvenirs sold in tourist areas are almost all hand-made by residents of rural areas with relatively low human resources, in order to avoid these residents being The big disc dealers or the downstream tourism industry monopolize profits, so with the assistance of the government, Thai
The country’s towns and towns have begun to promote the production of products that can be sold directly to OTOP markets or stores in various regions, allowing visitors to buy souvenirs that have not been subjected to layers of exploitation, quality and reasonable prices. It can also increase the income of residents living in traditional villages in the rural areas, resulting in a virtuous circle.
* This trip is by no means a mandatory shopping station. The driver guide leader has not profited at all. I believe that after seeing the simple price of local products, VIPs will be able to understand the care of our arrangements.
[Central Plaza Shopping Center]
The Central Group is Thailand's largest shopping mall brand, including Bangkok's Siam Paragon, which has almost a large complex shopping mall or theme shopping center across Thailand. Ubon Ratchathani is the largest government in the Northeast, and it has naturally attracted the attention of the Central Group. It has established a shopping mall in the local area that does not lose to Bangkok. It includes Robinson Department Store and countless countless
The brand name store, the Big C supermarket that is most familiar with Taiwanese.
[Kowlan Temple in Ubon Ratchathani] The Patan Nong Buwa Temple is a landmark in the center of Ubon Ratchathani. It is unknown to everyone in the Ukrainian area. In addition to the extremely spectacular candle parade floats at the annual Ubon Ratchathani Candle Festival, the temple itself is built and its interior is a must-see for tourists. The main building of the temple is a white gold-plated, obelisk-style towering stupa, almost the Hindu Buddhist shrine - Bodh Gaya's Mahabodhi Temple (Sakyamuni)
A replica of the land of Buddha, listed as a World Cultural Heritage, but the Ubon Ratchathani version of the stupa is more gorgeous and refined.
Sculpted. In the white stupa of up to 55 meters, there is a golden little stupa, still based on the Mahabodhi Temple, built in gold, surrounded by four square Buddha statues, two of which are prime The other Buddha statues of the Thai period originated from the Phitsanulok period. The hollow part of the interior of the stupa is as white as the outside. The beams and columns on the top are overlapped with cumbersome and complicated golden patterns, and the carefully arranged lights are fascinating. Even if not Buddhists will
Marvel. Today we will stay in a hotel in the center of Ubon Ratchathani. If it is a weekend, we will also take you to the most popular Yiwu Night Market and enjoy shopping with the locals.
Authentic Thai-style Northeastern cuisine at the hotel. Two hundred baht for free dining at the mall.
Meal: Lunch, Dinner.
Hotel:  V Hotel Ubonratchathani or similar
Day 8 : Ubon Ratchathani (Tongwan Temple, Longchuan Temple, Wenchuang Landscape Cafe) / Ubon Ratchathani / Bangkok Don Muang Airport / Taoyuan Zhongzheng Airport
After breakfast, pack your luggage, go to the city to visit the two temples, then head to the famous local snack bar for local snacks, and head to Ubon Ratchathani Airport to enjoy the coffee while enjoying the most popular landscape cafe in Thailand. A little bit of memories on the trip. Then proceed to the airport to take a domestic flight to Bangkok, then transfer to the international airport to return to the country.
【通玺汪寺】 Tongyuwang Temple is located in the suburb of Ubon Ratchathani. It was built in the era of Rama III. Its architectural style is deeply influenced by Bangkok, but it retains the artistic style of the northeastern architecture. The most striking of them is a In the water, there are many carved murals in the park, which describe the customs of the northeast region more than two hundred years ago. It is quite fascinating.
[Dragon Boat Temple] The Dragon Boat Temple is located in the suburb of Ubon Ratchathani and consists of three parts. The first part is a huge ship carrying a treasure hall. The structure of the temple is completely made of ceramics. The carvings are meticulous. There are rowers, guards and conductors on the top. The shape of the hull is completely modeled after the royal ship of the Thai royal family, just to commemorate the Thai king. The second part is a white giant ship carrying a Buddhist temple floating in the lake, which is said to be built to commemorate the birth of the emperor. The third part is the Daxiong Hall, which was built to hold various rituals.
Enjoy in the hotel Ubon Ratchathani snacks rice noodles + freshly squeezed orange juice Distribute two hundred baht to eat at the airport restaurant
Meal: Breakfast.
Hotel Used : V Hotel Ubon ( or ) Similar 
Rate for Above Itinerary : USD 722 Per Person ( Minimum Charge 17 Persons Travelling Together ) 
Rate for Above Itinerary : USD 220 Per Person ( Single Supplement )
Tour Included
1. All transfer and transportation by private Bus
2. Chinese language Speaking guide
3. Meals as indicated as above itinerary mentioned
4. All entrance fees
5. 3*** star hotels accommodation( twin/double/triple sharing) with daily ABF
6. 1 FOC offer based on ( twin/double/triple sharing) with daily ABF
Tour  Excluded
Air fares of any kind ( Domestic & International )
Tipping for Guide and Driver
Services not mentioned above
Personal items & hotel incidental charges
Optional or other tour & meals than mentioned in the program
Early check-in, check out are not guaranteed & subject to extra charge
Extra charges,VISA charges, personal expenses drinks, souvenirs, laundry, mini-bar in hotel, etc.
Travel/Personal Accident Insurance (Guests are advised to purchase insurance on their own before arrival)

Hotel Standard 3*                                                                                                                  

City Hotel name Room Category Website
Pakse Champasak Grand 3*+ Superior River View
Tadlo Tadlo Lodge 3* Standard
Khong Island Pon Arena 3*+ Deluxe


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